The Gulf Fishing Joint is Jumpin’- Snapper, Grouper & More Destin Fishing Adventures!

If you're the kind of person who enjoys wet weather, you may have missed what seems like the wettest few weeks we've seen in a long time. However, this refreshing onset of perfectly golden summer is a godsend for those who can't stand sitting in the house for too long, especially with the pleasant breezes in accompaniment.

So, people are shaking off cabin fever and headed out on the water to do some 'make-up' fishing. Unfortunately, no Alibi has been enjoying particularly productive trips with great people.

The end of June and beginning of July are seeing lots of feisty King Mackerel, Red Snapper, Black, White, and Mingo Snapper with plenty of fight in them. We're also enjoying some unexpected Cobia action, and the shark is doing well.

Heading into the middle of July, we're expecting an average of about 88°, breeze 9-12 knots with seas generally no more than four feet. Going into the July 7th weekend, there will be an increased chance of rain above 40% at some point, but sky coverage could leave some big breaks in the weather.

I was expecting LOTS more Snapper, a good amount of Red and Gag Grouper, and other fishing adventure opportunities.

The heat index is high, so everybody needs to be well-protected from UV rays; if you think a history of easy browning will save you from getting sunburn, then you should consider that sunlight bouncing off the Gulf Waters adds significantly to the risk. It is better to be safe than in pain.