Overnight Trips

Overnight Trips

Want to get serious? For the past nine years, the captain and crew of the No Alibi have been offering long-range 24, 36, and 48-hour bottom or blue water charters. No cell phones, no email, no honey does, just you, your friends, and some of the most incredible fishing opportunities anywhere!

Though there are no set days or set times, what has been the most successful in the past is departing on Friday afternoon and returning either Saturday or Sunday afternoon. The reason for leaving in the afternoon is travel time. On many of these overnight fishing trips in the past, we have traveled 70, 80, and even 100 miles one way! Departing in the afternoon allows you to start fishing first thing the following day.

Overnight trips offer serious fishing at the highest level. So whether you want to pound the bottom for two days or head offshore to try your luck with a blue marlin, broadbill swordfish, tuna, and dolphin, we are time-tested and proven.

If you think you are interested in this level of fishing, we encourage you to contact us as there is a lot of information involved in planning one of these trips. However, due to the amount of preparation involved, we need a minimum of 3 days' notice.

Over the past nine years, we have fished multiple groups on these trips. Please feel free to call for referrals.

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