Destin Deep Sea Fishing – Getting geared up for 2014 Season!

IMG_0824[1]Best Charter Fishing Boat in Destin, FL Preps for Upcoming Season!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season!!!  The No Alibi Fishing Charter Boat is currently on drydock and getting a fresh new look with some fresh paint and new graphics.  Pictures to come soon!!

We are looking forward to a great 2014 fishing season in Destin, FL.

We will be splashing back into the Gulf of Mexico in mid-February.  The No Alibi fishing team will be fishing for Amberjack, Triggerfish, Mingo Snapper, White Snapper, Red Grouper, and Scamp.  With the cold temperatures we are experiencing here on the Gulf Coast, the Cobia migration will begin in late March and extend through May.  The No Alibi fishing team will enter the weekend Cobia tournaments here locally.  The Hogs Breath Cobia Tournament, Crab Cruncher (Harbor Docks Cobia Tournament), Outcast Cobia Tournament in Pensacola, FL., Flathead Classic (Boshamps Cobia Tournament), and The Final Fling (AJ's and Outcast Cobia Tournament).  There are two local month-long tournaments as well that runs through April 30.  Harborwalk and Harbor Docks will sponsor these tournaments.    Spring deep-sea fishing's primary focus is on Cobia.  Although, we can do some trolling and bottom fishing when requested.

The Gulf Council has announced the red Snapper season.  It will begin on June 1 and go through July 10 for the 2014 fishing season.  The No Alibi fishing team will keep you updated on any changes in the seasons as the Gulf Council announces them.